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Iraq: foreign hands behind the situation

Mr. Hachemi stressed that the foreign parties will continue their efforts to obstruct the political process in the country. "They aim to destabilize Iraq so that it becomes an arena for conflict and a platform for Israeli and American existence.

However, the power of internal resistance, the state, the political and security institutions, the presence of religious leaders, the cohesion among the Iraqi people will definitely abort these western projects", he confirmed. Asked about the fact that these demonstrations are organized against the Popular Mobilization Units, the Hachd al-Chaabi, the analyst said that these forces are part of the government institutions as stipulated by the law and the resolutions of the Iraqi parliament. They are the bête noire of 'Israel', of the United States and even of certain Gulf countries, which reject the fact that these forces are integrated into the institutions of the country.

"The Hachd al-Chaabi carry out the orders of the commander-in-chief of the Iraqi armed forces. They will continue to be part of the forces that will protect Iraq from external dangers as well as internal riots, alongside the army and the Federal police," explained Mr. Hachemi. Referring to the existence of a link between these demonstrations and the strike against the oil installations of the Saudi giant Aramco, the expert stressed the existence of two versions:  There are unofficial reports and rumours circulating that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the current chaos that constitutes a response to the attack on Aramco. According to the official version, Saudi Arabia has asked Iraq to provide oil to compensate for the 50% deficit caused by the Aramco strike.

The company has binding obligations towards Western foreign companies to which Saudi Arabia must remain committed. So far, Iraq has neither accepted nor declared the request. "Iraq is not a milking cow that offers milk for free and without conditions. Iraq is a sovereign country with 500 million barrels of oil, which represents about 50% of Aramco's total production. "This process requires approvals, agreements and offsets. Iraq has so far signed 16 memoranda with Saudi Arabia, but has not yet implemented any of them.

It is therefore impossible to open up to such a level of economic cooperation without guarantees", explained the expert. Mr. Hachemi stated that "the United States is not satisfied with the performance of the Iraqi Prime Minister given his support for the Popular Mobilization forces. Washington was dismayed by Adel Abdul Mahdi's visit to Russia and China, which is working to equip itself with the S-300 missile defence system to secure Iraqi airspace against violations." "Mr. Abdul Mahdi has always refused to be part of the deal of the century and the American plan to starve and bring down the Iranian people. For this, The Americans have a profit to overthrow the current Iraqi government", concluded the Iraqi expert.