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Iraq : the failure of the US coup?

The Iraqi government, aware of the American plan to sow the seeds of mischief in society, is doing everything possible to make it fail.

Although it is necessary to take into account the demands of the Iraqi people who demand a real fight against corruption and the lack of public services, what is happening these days in Baghdad and in the southern provinces seems to be exploited by the Americans. And that has not escaped the Iraqi government. "Since the beginning of the protests, the protesters have not followed a clear objective.

Some of them expressed their anger at their modest means of livelihood while others were saboteurs obeying more than suspicious scenarios and plans. It is the latter who are responsible for turning peaceful protests into violence, sabotage and chaos, " Al-Akhbar told The Daily. "Exasperated by a corrupt political class and unable to provide a minimum of services, the protesters demand a radical examination of this problem which is the spread of corruption in government bodies. They believe there is no real fight against corruption in Iraq.

But all these problems that have persisted since the US occupation of 2003 now seem to have prepared the ground for the officers, politicians, elites and journalists who follow the US plan and that the US embassy provokes in case of need, " adds Al-Akhbar. "This plan was unveiled three months ago in cooperation with intelligence agencies. The plan was to provoke demonstrations in the name of popular demands and then cause them to degenerate into violence, insecurity and chaos," the sources said.

"This will certainly lead to confrontations between the people and the security forces. At the same time, there will be extensive media coverage. At the end of this crisis, which was staged with the cooperation of the Americans, a popular military commander will take the reins of the government of national salvation and the United States will thus extend its grip on Iraq", the same sources have warned.

Since the beginning of this month, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdel-Mahdi, has taken the following steps to neutralize the US plan :

1: Take control of the security and military organs and clean them of all suspicious persons.

2: take control of the situation on the ground in 18 provinces and present the red lines of the government.

3. implement government plans and initiatives to appease the anger of the people.

4: support peaceful demonstrators who demand freedom of expression, the fight against corruption and bringing the corrupt to justice.

"The situation in several southern provinces is under control. Sporadic operations have taken place in Baghdad and Di-Qar province, but the situation is generally under the control of the security forces, " the security sources assured.