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Yemen: Sana'a forces liberate strategic areas in Taiz


Yemeni Resistance fighters launched an operation in southern Yemen, which resulted in a vast withdrawal of elements of the Saudi aggression coalition. Further progress will lead to a complete encirclement of the city of Taiz where the military of the Saudi-led coalition is based.

According to information provided by a source on the ground in eastern Taiz, Yemeni army and Ansarullah forces launched counterattacks against positions of Saudi military and their mercenaries and managed to clear the occupied areas in the center of the province.

If the Yemeni forces continue their operation on the eastern axis of Taiz, in the Al-Mughdar Mountain to the east, they will reach the important and strategic road of the city of Taiz-Al-Torbeh. Resistance forces will then dominate this route, which implies the interruption of coalition aid to its military in Taiz.

The Yemeni armed forces have regained control of about 45% of the area of Taiz province, including the northern, central and eastern regions. They control about 55% of the territory of Taiz, including the southern and western regions.

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