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Yemen: Riyadh at the time of capitulation

The latest attack on Saudi oil infrastructure demonstrated how this conflict is spreading at such a speed within Saudi borders, without Riyadh being able to counter the bloodshed : despite the habit of pointing the finger at Iran, the Al Saud's now know with certainty that the attack of September 14 received Saudi Arabia's own support, which is fed up with the destructive madness of the Salmans.

Riyadh's proposal for a limited ceasefire, which obviously cannot satisfy the camp opposite, which has managed, at the cost of five years of sacrifice, to reverse the situation. The government of National Salvation rejects Saudi Arabia's proposal for a partial ceasefire in Yemen, stating that Yemen will accept nothing less than a complete cessation of the aggression and blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia. According to a report by the news agency Fars News, the Yemeni National Salvation Government rejected the ceasefire offer because it is fed up with Saudi lies and wants Saudi Arabia to put an end to the war once and for all and not buy time to recover its health.

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