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Iraqi forces seize large ISIS munitions caches in western Iraq

Iraqi security forces seized on Thursday large caches of ammunition belonging to the ISIS terrorist group in western Anbar province, the Iraqi army said.

A joint Anbar Operations Command and intelligence force conducted a search operation in the Wadi Al-Qadhif sector, south of the town of al-Rutba, some 400 km west of Baghdad, according to a Joint Operations Command release. The soldiers found caches of ammunition containing 360 improvised explosive devices, 42 anti-tank mines, 200 RPG-7 rocket launchers, 95 thermal-guided missiles and 18 jerrycans filled with ammonia nitrate.

Another unit of the Anbar Operations Command conducted a search operation in the region of Al-Saggar, east of the city of Al-Qaim, near the border with Syria, added the statement. Iraqi troops discovered seven hideouts of the ISIS and a cave containing four IEDs, anti-tank mines and various explosive devices as well as supplies, said the statement, adding that the troops had seized the ammunition and destroyed all the hideouts and the cave.