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Interpol lifts ban on Syria


The Executive Committee of the INTERPOL General Secretariat has lifted the ban on Syria, assured Hussein Joumaa, the director of the Syrian Criminal Security Department, indicating that a delegation of the Secretariat will be in Damascus next month.

The delegation, led by the Head of the Counter-Terrorism Office at the General Secretariat, will include a number of trainers, and there will be a workshop on modern INTERPOL applications, Joumaa said. According to him, this decision restores the Damascus office all its powers, stressing that it was currently waiting for the activation of INTERPOL services for the Damascus office.

"One of the most important benefits of lifting the ban on the Damascus office's services is that the office can now provide Interpol services to other state institutions, including those of immigration, passports, general customs and border crossings regarding the issue of car smuggling and the fingerprint database for people wanted in the world and others," he said.
He considered uassi that lifting the ban also facilitates the issue of communication and services, especially with the General Secretariat.

This ban comes after the reopening of the Jaber border crossing between Syria and Jordan. Air flights between the two countries should also resume on October 3, after a ten-year hiatus.

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