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In Yemen, civilians starving for blockade and embargo

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Worst humanitarian crisis

War Crimes

On September 3, the UN released a report on the Yemeni conflict. He mentions the "multitude of war crimes" committed by the various parties since the beginning of the conflict: "no one has his own hands in this conflict". France either: according to UN experts, it "influences or can provide support to the parties in this conflict", including through its "arms transfers".

Worst humanitarian crisis

Yemen has one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. More than 20 million Yemenis are food insecure, including nearly 10 million at the edge of famine. Nearly two million children are undernourished and 400,000 are considered seriously ill.

War Crimes

The use of the famine of civilians as a method of war is a war crime. "Due to the blockade, the drugs are no longer reaching Yemeni hospitals, which is seriously affecting the population. Cholera spreads, especially among miners. This strategy of famine led by the Saudis and Emiratis is possible thanks to ships and equipment "made in France".

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