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Iran unveils four new drones

The Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology unveiled on Wednesday, September 18, at an exhibition four new drones designed and manufactured by the country's scientists.

One of the drones is a surveillance aircraft equipped with a thermal camera with a flight duration of 60 minutes. Specialized aircraft for vertical take-off mapping have also been unveiled that do not require a ground control center. With a flight duration of 90 and 60 minutes respectively, these aircraft are equipped with the PPK-RTK positioning system to determine the location of the images. The maximum speed of these aircraft is 120 km / h.

They can automatically return to their starting point. Another drone unveiled was the solar drone, which offers a flight duration of 4 hours. This solar aircraft weighs 4.5 kg and is capable of flying up to 10,000 feet. Fifty scientific companies participated in the Iran Technology Capabilities Forum on Drones currently being held in Tehran.

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