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From France: Back on the pseudo revolution in Syria

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Propaganda by Élysée and Matignon

Mobilization of the syrian people

French support for terrorism

Democrats" the "rebels" of François Hollande?

February 2011, city of Deraa, Syrian Arab Republic. Groups from abroad fired on protesters peacefully demanding an acceleration of ongoing reforms and the police.

Propaganda by Élysée and Matignon

The first deaths fall, mainly police and military. The French media broadcast continuously the only images of civilians killed and the only statements of European and US politicians. The French will never know anything about the real origins of this organized and planned violence from abroad, nor the mobilization of the millions of Syrians who proclaim "No to foreign aggression! And support President Bashar al-Assad.

The French national medias made the deliberate choice to present only the official version of the war: the one written by the US and French leaders. We will see that some of them will not hesitate to falsify the reality of facts and images by editing, false information, manipulation. A real war propaganda is organized by the Élysée and Matignon.

Mobilization of the syrian people

June 2011. In Damascus, at the initiative of prominent figures of Syrian society, millions of people are heading to AlOumaouiyne (Umayyad) Square to support President Bashar al-Assad.

In Aleppo, in the north of the country, the crowd is massing in the central square of Saad Allah al-Jaberi, while tens of thousands of people are deploying a huge flag of the Syrian Arab Republic in the vicinity of the citadel. In Homs, a city in central Syria, tens of thousands of people are taking over the main square.

In Tartus, a coastal city, hundreds of thousands of others head for the Corniche to proclaim their support for government reforms. In Al-Souayda'a, in the south of the country, several demonstrations of tens of thousands converge on Sultan Pasha al-Atrache Square.

In Daraa, thousands of Daraouis march to Al-Barid Square chanting their support for President Assad. In Hama, at Al-Assi Square, in the center of the city; in Al-Hassake, tens of thousands of citizens gather in the courthouse square; in Raaqa, they are also several processions of tens of thousands from all the governorate (Province) who gather place of the President; at Deir Ezzor, Ibrahim Hanano's main square is crowded with people; in Latakia tens of thousands of citizens gather in the center of the city, conspiring France and the United States and supporting President Assad...

French support for terrorism

Since its creation in 1928, the history of the Muslim Brotherhood has been marked by systematic recourse to terror. But to make war with carriers of cassocks who know only their catechism, the handling of explosives and whose flock filled with misery can barely write their name is not easy. Also, French politicians will try to compose a "opposition" presentable to Western public opinion. A division of roles will thus take place between Syrian exiles in need of existence, small plotters pushy, traffickers and criminals experienced within this international crime...

Are these forces democratic, as the French leaders claim, decreeing the Syrian National Council (SNC), under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, "the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people"? Judge: since the 1970s, the Muslim Brotherhood has continued to carry out attacks and coups against the secular Syrian Republic. It is this same religious brotherhood, the crucible of organized crime, which will provide the main leaders of the "opposition" alongside those linked to Atlanticist circles. Presented as "moderate" by French leaders, anti-Syrian activists are, for many, involved in criminal and criminal activities. It was necessary to instruct the reader, with a rather suggestive portrait of the family, of the "democratic spirit" to which, according to President Hollande, "participate these rebels"...

"Democrats" the "rebels" of François Hollande?

From dozens country's to Damascus, the branches of Muslim Brotherhood implement the same plan of subversion, destruction of the secular state and society. Abdallah Amami, writer and Tunisian specialist of terrorist organizations in the Arab world, outlines the main stages; Mezri Haddad, former Tunisian diplomat at UNESCO and writer, adds the experience of its outbreak in Tunisia; Ammar Bagdash, leader of the Syrian Communist Party, relates his application to Syria; Colonel Alain Corvez describes the tactics employed by the Muslim Brotherhood; the intellectual and writer Nadia Khost reminds those who write history in their own way, from the bottom of their offices: "We who live in Syria, we know the truth [...]. Official reports show meetings between French and British secret services with Libyan fighters from Al Qaeda.

Because, once again, the French leaders have taken the heavy responsibility of equipping, training and arming the perpetrators of this demonic plan. And if it always opens with the staging of "martyrs", innocent victims of their armed groups, it is to better allow the Muslim Brothers to pose as "Democrats" with their Western masters and to call them to the rescue. Due to lac of popular support in Arab countries, the Muslim Brothers rely on naivety and Western weapons to achieve their ends. Several interventions by intelligence professionals and journalist investigations confirm these facts.

Another question that can not be economized as the drama is deep: President François Hollande and now Emmanuel Macron can they take the decision alone to arm these criminal gangs without becoming guilty of significant arms trafficking, operated apart from all international legality, the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, destruction of Syrian infrastructure?

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