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Afghanistan: yet another bloody US burr strengthens rallying of people to the Taliban

A US attack drone strike has killed at least 30 civilians resting after a hard day's work in a field, according to the Afghan government.

The raid occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in Wazir Tangi in the east of Nangarhar province. The farmers were sitting around a fire when the Hellfire missiles hit them. Local officials say more than 80 injured and an initial initial assessment of 30 killed. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reacted very quickly after the umpteenth US blunder by promising the introduction of measures to prevent "collateral" civilian casualties in the bitter war against the Taliban.

For its part, the US military command claimed that the drone strike was intended to annihilate a stronghold of Daesh, whose mysterious and very marginal presence in Afghanistan is being fought by the Taliban who consider them to be auxiliaries of the CIA and Zionist entity...

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