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Lebanon: speech by Sayed Nasrallah, 25/10/2019

Lebanon crisis: transcript of Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayed Nasrallah's speech, October 25, 2019.

Sayed Nasrallah: the vacuum in state institutions will lead to collapse in the current regional circumstances. The challenge required the government to adopt a budget without any tax, and without any financial deficit. The benefits of contestation must be retained and this is everyone's responsibility.

Lebanon is going through a critical period. Agree on people's demands, choose representatives to negotiate with President Aoun. Do not withdraw from the seats and negotiate under the pressure of the seats. We are concerned to protect the country and ready to pay the cost of insults, we are ready to present our blood to protect our country.

I call on the manifestos to open the roads and defend the poor, that paycheck belongs to you, we don't want the army shooting at the manifests, they need to protect them.

Some parties in the contestation draft a paper to ask the Security Council to subject Lebanon to the seventh clause, some parties exploit the contestation to attack the weapons of the resistance and accuse the resistance of terrorism. Some of the most corrupt personalities and parties finance the protest.

Personalities in the protest are linked to embassies and foreign parties, we have information and doubts that attempts are underway to lead Lebanon into a civil war, the most powerful part on the Lebanese scene today is the resistance. I call on the supporters of the resistance to withdraw from the protest squares.