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Iran has deployed a radar in the east of the country

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High Tech

High Accuracy

The commander of the Iranian army's DCA forces traveled to the eastern part of the country where the Nazir radar is installed (Iranian Agency).

High Tech

The latter is a high-precision, long-range radar system capable of detecting and tracking hostile air targets within 800 kilometers at an estimated altitude of 100,000 feet. All the steps of the construction of this radar until its installation were directed by the young engineers of the army and testify of the capacities of defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Nazir radar is capable of detecting any kind of small cross-section object such as US assault drones and cruise missiles.

High Accuracy

The images broadcast show that this radar is equipped with special antennas and that it is installed on the heights of the country. Another important feature of Nazir is its ability to detect and intercept ballistic missiles. It is also able to distinguish targets and also resist anti-radar missiles.

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