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Ukraine will receive Israeli air defense systems "Iron Dome"


The Ukrainian authorities announced that within the framework of negotiations with the United States, it is possible to reach an agreement according to which the United States, together with Israel, will supply Israeli "Iron Dome" anti-aircraft missile systems to the armaments of Ukraine.

The latter may well be deployed in the Donbas, which poses a very serious threat to the DPR and the DPR in the very near future.

"After the announcement in May that Ukraine would begin to increase its annual defense budget, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran said that he would like to spend part of the funds on new air defense systems, citing the Iron Dome as a possible option.

Deliveries of the Iron Dome air defense system to Ukrainian armaments may begin in 2023, while experts note that the complexes are unlikely to be able to protect the territory of Ukraine from massive attacks by the MLRS forces of the Donbass republics , however, the complexes may well cover Ukrainian military aircraft and drones of the DPR and RPL air defense systems.

In addition, against the background of the emergence of information that tactical missile systems "Tochka" may be in service in the unrecognized republics, Israeli air defense systems may well ensure the protection of the armed forces of Ukraine from tactical missile attacks.

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