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Spying of the White House by "Israel": "With such friends No need for enemies!" (Javad Zarif)

Reacting to reports that "Israel" has been spying on the White House, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that "with such close friends as Benjamin Netanyahu, the United States no longer needed enemies! "

Washington no longer needs enemies

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif in a Twitter message on Friday night, September 13, echoed revelations that the Zionist Entity was spying on the White House writing to the US president: "A new blow by the "B team" to Mr. Trump! When his close friend, He is a member of "Team B" who empties the pockets of the United States, takes their foreign policy hostage and spies on their president, Washington no longer needs enemies. "

Trump Spying by Zionist Entity

Mobile phone surveillance devices found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington have reportedly been installed by "Tel Aviv," the US media Politico. In fact, according to the testimony of three former senior officials who commented on this information, the investigations conducted by the US government concluded that "Israel" was at the origin of the placement of these devices in order to spy on President Donald Trump.

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